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  • Ref: 276AC1

    Deluxe Wing Joining Tape card

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    Deluxe Wing Joining Tape card (10 units)

    Dims Approx 92x10cm

  • Ref: 276AC10

    Deluxe Pin Point Bottle Kit

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    For precision gluing. A small soft dispensing bottle ideal for minute application of water based glues such as R/C Modellers Glue, PVA glue and fluxes. Ideal for many tasks where fine finger controlled gluing action is needed. It is supplied with a variety of 3 plastic and metal tips that are easily cleaned after use with water.

  • Ref: 276AC11

    Deluxe Pin Flow Applicator

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    Deluxe Pin Flow Applicator

    An applicator specially designed for the precise control of liquid solvent plastic adhesives such as Plastic Magic. When even a brush can sometimes deliver too much this breakthrough device will deliver just the right amount of adhesive to bond the most intricate parts.
    Prevents glue runs.
  • Ref: 276AC13

    Deluxe Track Magic

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    Track Magic is a special cleaning fluid for model rail and car tracks, electric contacts and wheels.

    • Maximizes conductivity and reliability,

    • Works in low power/confined space situations,

    • Revives old electric contacts and improves new ones,

    • Safe on plastic, foam, acrylic and enamel Paint.

    Send in boxes with 12 units of 50 ml each.

  • Ref: 276AC15

    Deluxe Aero Tech Dispenser

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    Special dispenser for Aero Tech cartridge and nozzles.

  • Ref: 276AC16

    Deluxe Roket Re-Cap

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    Replacement Roket superglue tips and caps that make your glue flow as new! Pack of 3 easily fitted replacement tips and caps.

    Roket Recap re tips, re-freshes and, re-stores, your glue like new. Pack contains two Roket Ca tips and caps, one SuperPhatic!/Card glue, and one spare micro-tip.

  • Ref: 276AC17

    Deluxe Tricky Stick

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    Simply brush Tricky Stick onto shiny surface(s) and allow to dry. Apply your favourite cyano glue (eg. Roket) to one surface and quickly bring joint together holding tightly until set

    Bottle of 50 ml. Supply in packs of 12 units.

  • Ref: 276AC19

    Deluxe Brush Magic

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    Brush Magic is a powerful, non flammable brush cleaner for the rapid cleaning of all types of wet or dried paints from brushes etc. Use also to clean up and remove of epoxy, polyester & polyurethane resins and glues before they are set.

        Washes away with water to clean surface
        Non volatile & low odour
        Dissolves acrylic enamel & cellulose paints, epoxy & polyester resins

  • Ref: 276AC20

    Deluxe Roket Glue Tips

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    Precision, Fine glue lines,

    Instant fit- Anti clog- No mess.

    One piece glue tips for the accurate application of Deluxe Materials glues : Roket cyano, Roket Card, Super’Phatic! glue. Tips can be shortened or stretched for finer application.

    · Blister of 6 units.

  • Ref: 276AC21

    Deluxe Living Steam

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    ·Scent & Smoke oil - For creating authentic steam railway scent or scented smoke.
    ·Living Steam is a uniquely designed, safe, non-flammable fluid. Nostalgic odour of steam railways.

    Can be used in two ways:

    1. It can be placed on absorbant material placed in the room and allowed to evaporate.
    2. Or it can be used as a smoke oil (eg from model rail smoke generators)

    Bottle of 90 ml

  • Ref: 276AC22

    Deluxe Strip Magic

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    ·A fast acting, spreadable, & controllable paint stripper that will soften and remove paints and primers, typically 5-15mins according to paint type.

    · Bottle of 125ml. Supply in packs of 6 units.

  • Ref: 276AC23

    Deluxe Ballast Spray Bottle

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    Deluxe Ballast Spray Bottle

    Spray bottle for use with the Ballast Magic kit.